Software Enginering Support Programme

The Software Engineering Support Programme (SESP) is an EPSRC support activity to provide and encourage the use of up-to-date software engineering techniques and tools in software development within computational science and engineering.

The main goals of this proposed SES Programme are:

  • accelerate the introduction and widespread use of high-payoff software engineering practices and technology by identifying, evaluating, and maturing promising or underused technology and practices;
  • maintain a long-term competency in software engineering and technology transition;
  • enable the UK academic community to make measured improvements in their software engineering practices by working with them directly;
  • encourage the adoption and sustained use of standards of excellence for software engineering practice;
  • foster collaborations with other groups, in the UK, Europe and the US, that have an interest in the applications of advanced software engineering techniques in computational science.

These goals will improve the level of software engineering practice within UK computational science research groups. As a result, the software they develop will be of a higher quality; more easily developed and maintained; more easily re-used within the community and be computationally more efficient.