Forcheck made easy - pyqa_forcheck

Forcheck is the oldest and most comprehensive Fortran verifier on the market. It performs a static analysis of Fortran programs or separate Fortran program units. Forcheck detects more anomalies in your program than most compilers do. Because it locates bugs as early in the development phase as possible, it saves you time and helps you to produce more reliable code. For further information on Forcheck, refer to .

pyqa_forcheck is an in-house tool that acts as a frontend to Forcheck. Its main objective is to improve the usability of Forcheck, and does so by:

  1. automating most of the steps needed to run Forcheck. This includes searching for relevant source files, sorting them based on module dependencies, selecting program options, and building the Forcheck execution command.
  2. parsing the text-based output from Forcheck, and presenting the results in a more manageable and comprehensible format.

For usage information, check out the user documentation.