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This is a private wiki for the FROTH/SoFT projects

The FROTH-SoFT Wiki is intended to provide a dynamic, real-time resource in which project members can record information of general interest to the Group and to initially scope and document the project and software developments. The FROTH and SoFT projects are collaborations between Manchester Metropolitan Univeristy, Plymouth University, City University, Oxford University, University of Bath and the STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.

Its purpose is to provide a dumping ground for information, ideas, plans and documentation related to the project.

General Information

Wiki & Web


Project Documents

Technical Information and Discussions

SoFT Requirements

Review of OpenFOAM

Review of OpenFOAM Extend

Review of Mesh Generation

Review of ParaView

STFC Parallel Hardware

Software Developments

Group Areas

A place for groups to keep project related information - external meeting - software/hardware details

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